Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Tree Light Boxes

On several occasions I have mentioned the Light Boxes of Santa Monican trees that I am making. As I am still developing them, I have hesitated to do a post. However, as people keep asking me questions about them, here is an explanation:

They are semi-sculptural, the trees being modelled in light-relief, a mold made and that in turn cast into. This "tool" is then vacuum formed in a translucent acrylic which is finally back-lit, being set in a box containing either florescent lamps or LED'S. Some - for instance, the Jacaranda and Green Gem- are then treated with recycled glass to give color and texture whereas others have the addition of heat-molded colored acrylic, as in the flowers of the Silk Floss tree.

From the top: 1. Jacaranda, 2. Silk Floss, 3. detail Silk Floss Flower, 4. Green Gem (Ficus), 5. Green Gem clay model, 6. Green Gem rubber mold, 7. Green Gem "tool", 8. Bus Stop Palms, 9. detail Bus Stop Palms.


jacqui said...

These are amazing! I love them so much. When you make the mould from your clay relief what do you use? I see a dam has been built up and then the mould poured in (I think?) is is plaster? I am interested as I have always wanted to do something like this. Do you know of the photographer Rob Buelteman's artwork? The imagination, skill and sheer beauty of Buelteman’s images are hard to describe in any other way than magical. Check out (http://www.wired.com/culture/art/magazine/17-07/pl_art?currentPage=all)
If you are interested. I thought he was doing a light box but turns out they are not.


jacqui, thanks for your comment. I apologize for not having replied sooner (over one year!) but I have not checked out this section of the blog till now. The answer to your question is that on this particular mould I used silicon rubber but could have equally used plaster of paris. I have enjoyed your blog!