Thursday, February 7, 2008


Roots…. roots fascinate us all- children and adults. As a child I found it exciting seeing the slightly scary roots of blown-down trees in forests in Aberdeenshire which gave one an insight into the tree as a whole.

At the moment I am thinking a lot about roots in relation to myself and my relationship with Santa Monica. Previously, I felt that I was floating on the surface but- since working for Treesavers- I now feel that I have put down PHYSICAL roots here. It is a very visual feeling-not just metaphorical.

When I lived in London I used to periodically have a desperate need to “earth” myself by walking in a field and literally getting mud on my shoes; there is something similar between this and my “rooting”.

As for the actual roots of trees- just as there is infinite variety in the trees themselves, so there is in what we see on the surface; some trees just appear to be perched on the ground whereas others give a melodramatic display of tangled roots. They all engross one; they are all weird in some way.

Starting with some of the show-off surface ones:

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