Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saskia Sutton

For the last month I seem to have been constantly travelling without time to concentrate on this blog so that I now have a lot of catching-up to do. I will start chronologically:

In July, I published a post about the artist Philip Sutton and his wife Heather. Shortly after this I visited their daughter, producer Saskia Sutton. This was a delight in many ways: having known Saskia since she was very little, I had last seen her when she was about 13. As a child she showed great visual sensitivity so it was wonderful to see how this artistry had blossomed, as expressed in her house that gave one constant exciting colour experiences- she is not afraid of colour and the many paintings by her father glow beautifully against the vivid paintwork of the walls. Strangely, working with directors and producers I have often found them to be non-visual. This Saskia is certainly not.

Below are some images of her mouth-watering house concluding with a couple of an ancient North American Western Red Cedar in a nearby park; as Saskia pointed out, the low-lying branches where children had sat were highly polished.

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