Sunday, January 18, 2009

Malibu Lagoon: Sand-Prints

I have developed my own technique for getting close to the birds at the Lagoon, especially the Pelicans: the Bum-Shuffle. First, I walk very slowly in their direction. When I see them looking uneasy, I spread my towel on the sand and sit on it together with my bag. Once they have quietened down and the one I am targeting has gone to sleep- with his head tucked into his back- I proceed, inch by inch, to creep forward on my bum, leaving my island of belongings behind. In this way I can get really close to them. Often, however, I am thwarted: either a child will come running across the sand, waving at the birds, or all the birds on the Lagoon will suddenly-for no apparent reason- go into panic-mode. The Pelicans will fly off into the middle of the Ocean, leaving me sitting there by myself....

Below- apart from the dozing Pelicans- there is a sand-print of a Pelican's foot and a sand-print of my Bum- Shuffle:

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