Friday, July 17, 2009

Heron on the Avon

Walking along the banks of the River Avon in Bath you nearly always have a moment of visual excitement. Today- a damp, grey morning- I set out with Rosie, my brother's aged Jack Russell, along the river path. Suddenly, through the trees I spotted a Heron ( a Grey Heron) sitting on a branch keeping a look-out for fish. Although they nest in trees, usually when you see them by the Avon they are lurking on the banks, close to the water, so it was good to get such a clear, close view of it. Unfortunately, I only had a low resolution camera with me. When I tried to creep closer to the Heron, Rosie followed suit and I was afraid she would try to get down the steep, muddy bank into the river... and I have long-ago decided if she did I, as a weak swimmer, would not risk my life in the river currents by plunging in after her- much as I love her!

The Grey Herons- Ardea Cinerea- are part of the Ardeidae family, which includes the wonderful Egrets. Although Herons are common in the UK, I am always excited to see them and have always loved them. Apart from their exotic elegance, they are so unexpectedly LARGE compared to our other birds, and seem enormous when they spread out their wings to fly away...

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