Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grey Heron Chick again...

Today there was again much sibling rivalry among the Valentines Park Grey Heron chicks. When I arrived to check up on them all three were on their tree and one adult flew up from the lake at that moment, settling high above them. They were making an HORRENDOUS noise and a dog having his walk was upset by them and would not stop barking, to add to the cacophony of sound! One chick flapped about around the nest while the other two were scrabblig, fighting, squawking and flapping, in the above ivy covered branches.

Eventually, one- I guess the one who has already left the nest on several occasions- struggled up to where his parent was sitting. He did some more squawking and flapping but was not welcomed. He gave up and later climbed to the very top of the sycamore tree, perching on the dead branches which emerge from the ivy before flying down to the log in the water where he fished yesterday. I will just show you some images of the chick on his final perch, silhouetted against the sky:

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