Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LA Trees on November Walk

I am shocked to see that it is over a month since I have written anything here- not because I feel I SHOULD have to just for the sake of it, but because there have been so many things I have intended to write about but have not had the energy to do so. My pathetic excuse is that I have been too busy with Grandmotherly duties to do anything else....

That said, most days I take my Granddaughter to a little local playground and afterwards explore different routes home, thus getting visual surprizes from the very varied trees. Granddaughter permitting, I then have the added joy of photographing them.

Here are some images from a recent walk:

Eucalyptus trees inevitably delight me with their elegant, sculptural shapes, emphasized by the exciting colours and patterns of their peeling bark. I totally fell in love with the twist in the trunk of this one:

Pepper trees always fascinate me- with the extraordinary "carbuncles" on their trunks contrasting with the delicate patterns of their foliage:

Finally, here is another tree that gave me great pleasure with its twisted limbs. I believe it is a form of Carob tree, although others I have seen are not so entwined. If anyone disputes this please let me know as I always welcome other opinions, not being an authority on this country's trees!


Sara said...

I loved your pictures of trees! I also share a fascination with trees. I know this will sound strange, but what I love to take pictures of are the "faces" in trees. I laugh I write this because it's sounds so weird, but that's what I see when I look at tree.

If you get a chance, here's a sample, http://sarahealy.com/index.php/2009/06/01/story-photo-challenge-what-do-you-see/

I also am fascinated by tree limbs and the knots in trees. Whatever, I appreciated your journey and my favorite tree was the Pepper tree:~)


Hi Sara, thanks for dropping by. I have just being enjoying your blog! great the way you are so interactive with your followers...