Friday, December 31, 2010

Santa Monica Sunsets

One thing I regret now that I am in LA rather than in Santa Monica is the accessibility of seeing the sunsets over the Ocean. Although it takes no time to get there, I am usually in a hurry to return home before the rush hour traffic, which means I miss the sunsets. However, I have made a point of catching them a couple of times recently so feel it is appropriate to end the year with the cliche of the sun going out of sight... at any rate, like most people, I love sunsets!

I will start with some images taken a few weeks ago, first walking towards Palisades Park:

And here in the Park is one of the Pink Melaleucas, framing some palms:

Now, just the palms against the sky and the ocean:

Then I became aware of the New Moon, framed by palms:

And here, just the Moon above the ocean:

Now just the sky and ocean...

Finally, to end the year on an up-beat note, here are a couple of more fragile, optimistic sunsets taken this week:

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