Friday, February 18, 2011

Arcadia Woodlands Again

The devastation of Arcadia Woodlands cannot be forgotten: over 200 ancient Native Oaks and Sycamore trees, not to mention the wildlife, lost forever for a load of mud. I previously wrote of how an "umbrella" group was emerging from the destruction. This has now been named Urbanwild Network, a network to enable all environmentalists to help each other in times of crisis and to create a powerful force to make people aware of the magnitude of what is happening to our land.

Learning that two of the four Arcadia Tree sitters, John Quigley and Julia Jaye Posin, were appearing for Arraignment at Alhambra Superior Court, I joined members of this new group to support them. This group included some Santa Monica Treesavers who- apart from being totally shocked by this needless carnage- feel a debt of gratitude to John Quigley, who tirelessly helped to train us during our Ficus Tree emergency. Julia Posin, as a young College student, became a Treesaver at this time, so it was great to see her continuing her battle.

Here are John Quigley and Julia Posin outside the Courthouse:

And here they are together with some supporters and their Attorney Colleen Flynn, left of John. To her left is Camron Stone, a prime mover in trying to save the Woodlands, who has provided us with wonderful photos of them:

They are facing charges of trespassing, disturbing the peace and delaying a peace officer. The arraignment was in fact postponed until March 23rd, when all four activists will need to sign a conflict of interest waiver so that they can be tried as a group.

And all they did was to try and protect us all by protecting our environment...

They have set up a website to keep us informed- click here.

We all feel the importance of keeping the momentum going- making it a worldwide issue, because it IS a worldwide issue, destruction of our wildlands and our invaluable, irreplaceable tree canopies throughout the world.

Just to remind you of what we have lost, two photos- "after and before"- by Camron Stone.

For Camron Stone's full collection click here.

And to experience the full horror of this unbelievable act from one of the Tree sitters, Andrea Bowers', point of view, watch her video here:

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