Thursday, May 19, 2011

April in Bath

I am giving the City of Bath it's own April post because when I was there for Easter I was knocked out by the outstanding statuesque trees in Henrietta Park. The 7 acre park was originally laid out to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and is tucked away near the City centre.

You are first confronted with an overwhelming avenue of enormous Horse Chestnut trees, so here are some of them:

I loved the sculptural symmetry of this Cherry tree:

But this extraordinary sculpture of a tree is my very favourite. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what kind of tree it is- the leaves are similar to those of an Ash....does anyone recognize it?

This next tree is a Dawn Redwood (thanks Georgia!), a native of Central China:

Here is another characterful Plane tree- what wonderful, monster-like trees they are:

Now this Beech tree really puzzled me: it seemed to be a Hybrid- half Copper Beech and half regular, green leaved Beech!

I am showing this Silver Birch because I was fascinated by the very graphical bark:

Now I am leaving Henrietta Park to conclude with two photos of one of my Conker babies in the garden of my brother's house in Bath. To read the history of my Conkers, click here.


Georgia said...

A dawn redwood. Also, love the photos of the horsechestnuts.


Thanks so much for the info Georgia! really helpful...