Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunsets in Kelston

Kelston is a tiny village near Bath, by the River Avon. There is nothing much there apart from the village pub, an organic farm and a scattering of houses. It is totally- and delightfully- rural.

I recently stayed there with a friend and revelled in the very unspoilt land. Although not Samuel Palmer country, going for an evening walk when there was that miraculous reflected sunset glow on the landscape I was reminded of his paintings. Here is Kelston Hill:

And here is another very English scene, including English Oaks!

From up on Kelston Hill there are wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. I found the undulating curves of these fields fascinating:

On another evening, taking the two charming whippets for a walk, we were suddenly aware of a blast of colour- this was no gentle evening glow:

And here one was reminded of Rothko rather than Samuel Palmer:

Trees silhouetted against a sunset are, to me, always nostalgic:

And I will conclude with two quiet images, showing the last remnants of the sunset:

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