Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Conkers

I have already shown photos of conkers this year in my recent post about trees' fruits- but knowing how mad I am about them you won't be surprized to see them again. At present I am house/dog sitting for friends by the sea in Pembrokeshire. Walking home this morning I was pleased to see conkers scattered on the drive approaching the house, fallen from a row of tall Horse Chestnuts. When I opened the case of one, I was delighted to find that there were "twins" inside:

Now, one of the charms of conker twins is that one surface- the inner surface where the two entities face eachother- is flattened, forming two hemispheres:

Looking at them, childhood memories flooded back: this flattened surface made them ideal to turn into miniature chairs. One just stuck pins in them for the legs and then pins for the backs, through which one wove wool: and hey presto you had a Fifties styled chair- though in fact we children were constructing them in the Forties, so were designers ahead of our times! Always carrying pins with me, I was tempted to see if the method still worked...

I can't wait for my Granddaughter to be old enough to play with pins!

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