Sunday, January 15, 2012

The King Palm

The King Palm- Archontophoenix Alexandrae- is a native of the rainforest regions of North East Australia but seems to flourish in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. It can grow from 50- 80 feet high with a spread of 10-15 feet of its pinnate leaves, the single grey trunk being attractively ringed.

When I first became aware of these elegant trees, I was totally enchanted by their exotic "chandeliers" of flowers, on coral-like stems, so was not surprized to learn that they were named as the King of Palms:

These ivory or magenta flowers are succeeded by wonderful cascades of brilliant red berries:

I love their bright, lime green crownshafts, speckled with reddish-brown:

And eventually the brown overtakes the green...

Palm trees may not be as environmentally indispensable as many other trees (after all, they are officially PLANTS rather than trees) but to me they are certainly visually indispensable...

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Lucy said...

Fascinating shapes and colours.