Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve: 2

My daughter, Molly, was brought up with a silver, tinsel Christmas Tree- bought in a London market when I was pregnant with her,together with two boxes of glass baubles. As the years went by, the decorations increased dramatically. Having a passion for these exquisite, brightly coloured glass fantasies, each Christmas I would buy more as presents for Molly and her father Phil. After twenty odd years, every inch of the tree was embellished so that it took on the appearance of a rich Byzantine Mosaic.

Using some of these inherited ornaments, on Christmas Eve- my birthday- Molly decided to turn her kitchen Fan into a wonderful Venetian-like Chandelier for my birthday celebrations. It therefore symbolized the tree of the past but had morphed into something very pertinent to the present (fortunately, although a sunny day, we did not need to use the fan!). She used vintage garlands, bought from both Shabby Chic, Santa Monica, and ABC Carpet and Home, New York.

Shabby Chic

ABC Carpet and Home

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