Friday, September 12, 2008

Discovery Apples

Before returning to Ficus tree issues in Santa Monica, I will finalize my time in the UK with a post about Discovery Apples.

Having been brought up on British apples- and mainly organic ones at that- I have long felt that we indisputably have the best apples in the World with regard to flavour and smell! Always, I get excited when I go into a shop in the late Summer and SMELL the nostalgic smell of Discovery Apples- the smell being the foretaste of an apple that tastes as delicious as it looks.

Coincidentally, having last month just bought and indulged in my first Discoveries, I received the following email from my friend Artist Helen Ganly, another Discovery devotee, writing about her Grandchildrens' Discovery experience:

“Here is a picture of Sammy and Roza's apple tree.

They dug the hole when they were six and eight.....five years ago!

I chose 'Discovery' because of its marvellous luminous pink /red apples which make it look like a tree from a fairy story, and for the way the colour bleeds from the skin into the flesh when the sweet apples are ripe.”

And here are the images she sent me:

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