Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jnane-Tamsna, Marrakech

Having returned to Santa Monica I immediately became involved again in Ficus Tree issues which distracted me from catching up with posts I intended to write before leaving the UK. So before starting on Santa Monica I will show more images of Morocco in three separate posts.

First, some images of Jnane-Tamsna. It is hard to believe that this collection of villas in an oasis area- Palmeraie, just outside Marrakech- was only developed in 2001. The vegetation is lush and mature, the villas are built and decorated in the traditional style. Organic gardens supply the kitchen and there are pools to cool one. Designed and developed by Meryanne Coum-Martin and her husband ethnobotanist Gary Martin it is a charming, relaxing retreat to counteract the frenetic athmosphere of Marrakech.


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