Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tree-saving Success: Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena

Again, just before I left Santa Monica, Treesavers were alerted by Pasadena that their beautiful, mature Ficus trees on Colorado Blvd were about to be cut down for design reasons. We were all very shocked as Pasadena, like Santa Monica, has a "green" reputation and is renowned for it's tree-lined streets. Our Treesavers immediately gave their support.

Sadly, despite appealing to the City Council , 35 trees- mainly Ficus- were rapidly cut down.

However, I have now received good news: Pasadena City Councilmembers actually listened to their people. They have admitted mistakes were made and taken action to prevent this happening again. Having both a Tree Protection Ordinance and an Urban Forestry Advisory Committee (UFAC) they moved to give the UFAC more power.

Another factor: many activists have been saying that Santa Monica City Council should be divided into districts, to give more accountability to the Councilmembers to their constituents. It emerges that Pasadena has this system- it is divided into 7 separate districts with 7 Councilmembers, one representing each, who all work together for the best interests of Pasadena.

There is hope for the future if Santa Monica learns from Pasadena.

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