Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tree-saving Success: Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica

I have had to return to the UK for a period, temporarily leaving lovely Santa Monica. A short time before I left, several Treesavers were concerned about a number of healthy New Zealand Christmas trees on Colorado Avenue that were about to be cut down, six of them being red-tagged. This was yet again "design" motivated, in this case for a Big Blue Bus project. Treesavers questioned the City Council and and publicised the case. For once we were listened to and I have now heard that the trees for the moment are safe and the red-tags removed. (However, there is still the possibility that they will be endangered by the proposed Light Railway if we succeed in getting it routed down Colorado Avenue as opposed to Olympic Blvd, thus saving 44 Coral trees....) Below is a photo taken by me for fellow Treesaver Cosmo Bua- who did an enormous amount to protect them- and published in the Santa Monica Mirror heading an article by Lynne Bronstein.

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