Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blogging Your Way: decor8 blog Course

For the last month- together with about 200 dedicated bloggers- I have been taking a blogging course, led by the inspiring Holly Becker of decor8. We have all benefited hugely from this wonderfully generous, sharing lady- and not just about blogging, also about living- living a fullfilling life true to oneself and giving to others. I can wholeheartedly recommend this course to all aspiring bloggers. Our final assignment is to share the blogs of 5 of our fellow students on our own blogs. As we have all been learning from eachother as well as Holly, this is a great idea- so here goes:

1. Heather: gathering spriggs
Heather's site is really pretty and full of beautiful images- brightens one's day to look at it...

2. Sharalee: a life more fabulous
Sharalee's is another attractive site as she has a great eye for selecting good photos which capture your interest.

3. Liz: athena dreams
Liz has enormous enthusiasm and a love of color which is reflected in her site

4. Susannah: ink on my fingers
Susannah is someone who gives out warmth as she shares her life with others through her blog- including running e-courses for photography. She also has beautiful photos on her site. Coincidentally, she lives in Bath where I am at present- but we have not managed to meet up yet!

5. Lisa: the red thread
Lisa's banner vizulization of her red thread captured my attention right away. It is based on an ancient Chinese belief that "regardless of time, place or circumstance the red thread may stretch or tangle but will never break ". Her subject matter and images grab your attention too.

I have already mentioned 3 team-mates on my homework team, but I would also like to include the following who gave me fantastic support and advice:

Jamie: jamie's rabbits
Amy: waxy hearts
Paula: the venerable bead
Suee: the square tv
Wini: arty girl

And a big thank you to EVERYONE ELSE!

Blogging Your Way


Amy said...

Go team! :-)

parallel-botany said...

I love all the blog you've featured here! I had such a hard time narrowing my list down.

(and of course, feel free to use my tree photo, or any other photos of mine, for that matter)

Have a lovely evening!

Wini said...

Hi Gillian, thx for the shout out, I really appreciate it! I enjoy visiting your blog & have mentioned it in my latest post. Pls keep in touch. Wini