Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swans in Valentines Park

There were other things I intended to write about today but then I got diverted: I am staying in Ilford- in East-most London- and this afternoon went for a walk in Valentines Park. I walked around the lake, round which I had pushed my daughter as a toddler and later my 100 year old mother in her wheel-chair, pointing out the baby birds to both of them, to both of their delight...

I was ecstatic to find that the Swans had decided to make an island nest beneath an Alder tree, where I could see the penn trying to have an afternoon doze while her cygnets- who were nestling on her back and under her wings- preened themselves restlessly. Who's heart cannot be melted by fluffy fledgelings? I am a total victim to their charms. I thought at first there were just two cygnets but finally counted six as they gradually emerged from her plumage. The poor mother eventually had to give up her sleep as they decided to go for a swim, when they were joined by the cobb, their father, and all sailed away... I then noticed that a solitary, unhatched egg remained in the nest.

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