Saturday, October 3, 2009

Farm Animals...

September was a bad month for me as far as keeping Treeaware going. I have temporarily turned into a full-time "Carer", until I return to Los Angeles in November. Although I have had some breaks when I have been seeing wonderful blog material I have got very behindhand in processing it, so am now trying to gradually catch up.

Yesterday I showed some of my earlier Horse Chestnut Blight images and now I will show some of the animals around Bath. What I love about Bath is that although it is a City you can immediately walk into real country. The Pre-Raphaelite-like sheep I saw in a field on the other side of the Canal, just a short way from my brother's house where I am staying. The very English scene of a cow under an Oak tree and the Chinese-looking grey horse were seen when I was visiting a friend in the small, rural village of Kelston, a few miles outside Bath.

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