Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Manorbier Studio...

Yet another of the assets of staying with Philip and Heather Sutton in Manorbier- apart from the sea, the animals, the birds, the garden and not least their company- is the wonderful stimulation of Phil's studio. When I say studio, this is actually a large house, the semi-detached other half of the one they live in. Every space is full of paintings and drawings and other artworks, Phil being a prolific artist. The house glows with colour and excitement and you are constantly surprized by unexpected subject matter- such as a wall covered in beautiful, intimate drawings of Teddy Bears and delicate, meticulous drawings of insects . Phil is constantly alive to new experiences and ideas- he has an insatiable curiosity about the world, both visually and mentally.

Visiting the studio is an inspiration, inspiring you to get to grips with your own work and reassuring you that being an artist is an essential occupation.

Check out this website for some of Phil's Posters:
And this for a new book: Philip Sutton "An Artist's View"

And here is the Studio Door:

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