Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pelican's in Jeopardy

Any followers of this blog will know of my passion for Pelicans and understand my distress for their problems caused by the freak storms last week.

Kevin Herrera, Editor in Chief of the Santa Monica Daily Press, last weekend reported (see photo insert) how many California Brown Pelicans have been battered by rains and urban runoff along the coast, including Santa Monica Beach. He quotes a spokesman for the International Bird and Rescue Center at San Pedro as saying that: "Most of the birds are suffering from hypothermia and appear disorientated. Their feathers normally form a natural barrier to the water and act as insulation from the cold but instead are matted by oil, grease and other gunk from massive runoff, much of it from roads and freeways."

The IBRRC report that they have now treated 152 Pelicans, among other sea birds. It can take 5 to 7 days and can cost about $500 to treat each bird. If you'd like to help these wonderful symbols of the Pacific Coast, check out the IBRRC website: www.ibrrc.org

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