Friday, September 17, 2010

More Great Crested Grebes!

I can't keep away from the Valentines Park Great Crested Grebes- especially the chick, who is no longer such a chick. I will start by showing them as successful fisher-birds- here is an adult negotiating a very large mouthful:

And here is the so-called chick, proudly holding his catch:

His prowess is recognized by the Gulls. Yesterday, two of them were closing in on him and rushing up to him as soon as he emerged with a catch. He then would promptly dive back into the water...

He also seems to be developing his flying skills: several times I have seen him scooting rapidly across the water's surface- once being chased off by his parents. Although he is so mature, he still seems to hanker after their company, both swimming up to them and dozing in their vicinity- always at the risk of being rejected...

I delight in the patterns made by the displaced water as he swims:

And the patterns made on the water's surface by the wind:

And also the ever-present reflections in one form or another:

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