Sunday, September 5, 2010

Valentines Park: Further Update

Having been away from Ilford for two weeks, needless to say the first thing I did on my return was to visit Valentines Park to check out the Great Crested Grebe family.

I found the two adults dozing side-by-side under an Oak tree:

After a time, one of them swam off. On his return, he approached the other bird and gave him- or her- a nudge with his beak:

Getting no response, he swam off again!

I was very happy to see the chick out and about on the lake:

It is interesting to see how he is maturing. He now has the definite beginnings of a black crest and more signs of the adults' russet-red in his plumage, although he retains some of his zebra-like neck stripes:

He may be maturing but he is still very much a chick, still trying to make contact with his parents, still making his piteous "cheep-cheeps". Today he yet again approached them:

but they raced off (a Cormorant simultaneously leaping out of the water):

He followed them. They settled under one of the Alder trees and he bravely drew closer to them- his cheeps getting more frantic:

But again he was rejected and chased off in a very unfriendly manner!

You know it's all part of growing up but you can't help empathizing with him- he looks so pathetic and "lonesome"!

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