Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I had such an exciting day of discoveries today- on this post I will write about Cowslips: Only yesterday, a friend and I in Bath were mourning the local lack of Cowslips nowadays- then, when we were walking beside the Canal today I suddenly spotted, on the opposite side, a whole field of them. Luckily, there was a nearby bridge and I was able to cross the canal and clamber over a wire-netted fence to access the flowers. They are a favourite from my childhood- I have memories of my Grandmother in the Cotswolds teaching me how to make Cowslip Balls- or "Tisty Tost Balls" as they were sometimes known as. I gather children used to toss them to eachother singing:

"Tisty Tosty, tell me true,
Who will I be married to?
Tisty Tosty, Cowslip ball,
At my sweetheart's feet you'll fall"

but this I cannot claim to have done! However, here are some of the flowers:

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