Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lords and Ladies

In my last post- about Cowslips- I mentioned that I had an exciting day today. Well, the other thing that made me ecstatic was finding the perfect example of a "Lords and Ladies" (or "Arum Maculatum"). I find them totally magical, and the absolute epitome of an Art Nouveau painting or sculpture. Now, these plants are by no means rare- the woodlands are full of them- but this Spring I have been unable to spot the perfect specimen to photograph- and this afternoon I found one that was particularly exotic. It's "hood", instead of the usual pale green, had wonderful purple veining on it. So here it is- as you can see, I could not stop taking photos, and these are only a few of them!


decor8 said...

Dear Gillian,

Thank you so much for taking my class and for adding my badge to your beautiful blog. I love your color palette here and what you've done, your blog looks so beautiful. I wish you the very best my dear friend.



Holly, thank you SO much- and thank you again for a brilliant course!