Sunday, April 19, 2009

Daisies on The Meadow

“The Meadow” runs alongside the River Avon in Bath and has a life of its own, being where all the local dog owners walk their dogs, dogs and owners forming firm friendships as they meet, chatter and pass on. I always feel there is material for a “telly play” there, in the interactions of dogs and people. As in the Playgroup days when one was “Molly’s Mum”, often one just knows the dogs name and yet one gradually learns a section of their owners’ lives.

I don’t own a dog myself- life being too complicated as I move backwards and forwards between the UK and the US, but when I’m in Bath I regularly take my brothers’ Jack Russell, Rosie, for walks- hence my involvement with The Meadow life.

Over the Easter weekend I met one of my Meadow friends’ Granddaughter, a little girl called Daisy. Like all small children she liked picking flowers- so when Daisy picked a Daisy, and then a second one, I felt I had to take a photograph of Daisy holding Daisies….

In this post I am also including some images of my friends’ Whippet- the delightful, elegant and miraculously patterned Inigo Jones, posing among the Daisies on the Meadow. And I could not leave Rosie out, so the final image is of her and Inigo Jones on the river path- even though there are no Daisies!

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