Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to Malibu Lagoon and Country Mart

On Saturday I felt compelled to return to Malibu to see if there was any sign of new life in the Egret's nests in the Ficus tree in the Malibu Country Mart, which I have already written about very recently.

All was quiet; the three nests were still occupied with sitting egrets but no sign of their partners so obviously no nestlings to feed. I stood there for several hours, enchanted as ever by these mad birds cavorting about, from time to time, with their abundant, crazy plumage. My continuing obsession with them has therefore got to be transferred to this blog:

There were long gaps between these spasmodic activities, when I gazed about at my surroundings, noticing among other things first, the very harshly cut roots of the Ficus tree and then all the egret's droppings on the paving stones below the tree:

Eventually I decided to see if any of the errant Egret partners were on the Lagoon with the Pelicans. Sure enough, there were several of them standing motionless in the shallow water, waiting for fish...rows of Pelicans were also there, reminding me as always of the birds in the first Barbar books, having councils of war...

Once more I was in Heaven, surrounded by so many of my favourite birds:

Finally, I decided it was time to leave so set off back towards the Country Mart. As I crossed the car park, I automatically checked out the top of the Egret's Ficus tree which you can see rising above the buildings. To my delight- just as there had been on my previous visit- there again was the grey shape of the Great Blue Heron - yet another of my very favourite birds! So I hurried to the tree to get some more photos of this ever exciting bird:

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