Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Comic Relief

One of my aunts worked in New York City during the Second World War- something to do with The Foreign Office, I believe. This seemed very exotic in those far-off days, when not many people sailed across the Atlantic.

When she returned to the UK she had copies of the New Yorker mailed to her and these she passed on to me and my family. Apart from reading the articles, I used to love looking at the fashion photos and felt frustrated that I could not buy the clothes, which seemed so sophisticated to a UK country girl.

Since then I have always had an affection for the New Yorker and have always delighted in the quiet wit of their cartoons. I was therefore very happy to have the one below- from the magazine- emailed to me today by one of my Santa Monica Treesaver friends. It is the work of Sam Gross. Born in New York City, circa 1934, he started cartooning in 1962, his cartoons being published in the New Yorker besides many other publications.

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