Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walking with Violet...

I have often written about how I love to walk with my camera, not only in the country but also round the streets of Santa Monica- always seeing something new and- to me!- stimulating.

Now that I am staying with my daughter's family in Los Angeles, when she has meetings to go to I often help her by looking after my baby Granddaughter, Violet. This entails driving with them both to the location of the meeting and then Violet and me exploring the back streets, which are always rewarding. Needless to say, like any baby, she is not ALWAYS peacefully sleeping or lying contentedly in her stroller- yes, sometimes she is SCREAMING and needing to be danced and sung to, which can be frustrating when one is trying to hold a steady camera...but the advantage is that I am constantly been fed with new experiences, apart from the joy of bonding with Violet!

So here are some of the images that caught my eye on a recent walk:

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Wini said...

Hi Gillian, Just thought I'd swing by to see how you are doing. I feel happy viewing the gardens, birds and gnarled trees you've featured in your recent posts! Happy Easter! Wini :)